Solar Lamp LED Medusa 6 Model Solar Lamp LED Medusa 6 Model 2
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Solar Street Light
The solar lamp Medusa model of 6 branches of innovative conception with a unique design is equipped with a twilight sensor and operates completely without electrical assistance. Thanks to its 6 branches, it diffuses a very powerful light. It adapts to all types of poles, ideal for relamping.
Solar Street Light
The Solar Floor Lamp Model Medusa 3 branches light automatically from dusk to dawn without you having to do any manipulation thanks to the twilight detector it is equipped with. It adapts to all types of poles, and offers you a 12 hours lighting of cold white color.
Solar Street Light
This solar lamp Madison model presents a design in the era of time and modern. With its solar panel directly integrated into the lamp, this floor lamp will give a new look to your urban spaces.
Solar Street Light
Le lampadaire ELEGUANCIA est une solution d’éclairage extérieur de pointe qui exploite la puissance du soleil. Fabriqué avec un boîtier en aluminium durable, ce lampadaire est conçu pour résister à l’épreuve du temps et aux différentes conditions météorologiques.
Solar Street Light
The Helios Solar Floor Lamp from CHICLED offers powerful, self-contained lighting powered by solar energy. With a capacity of 3200 Lumens and an autonomy of up to 3 days, it is ideal for lighting urban or isolated areas. Weatherproof and environmentally friendly, it's the perfect solar solution for sustainable lighting.
Solar Projector
This solar projector model Venus is powerful and autonomous. It is ideal for the lighting of facade, for a lighting of safety or buildings.
Solar Street Light
The Solis CHICLED solar street lamp blends in with any environment to provide powerful, eco-friendly lighting thanks to its integrated solar panel and high-capacity battery. It provides free lighting all night long and adapts easily to different types of pole.
Solar Street Light
This Model Rio solar LED floor lamp has a square design. It stores light during the day and releases it at dusk. It's ideal for lighting parks, streets... without interruption, even on days when solar radiation is low. It brings a feeling of security to these areas. It can also be adapted to all types of mast.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This solar LED light is modern and stylish with its solar panel directly integrated into the lamp. Program its lighting time from 4 to 12 hours with the remote control provided. No connection is necessary for its operation, enjoy a beautiful autonomous lighting of a cold white colour 6500K.
Solar Street Light
Le lampadaire PALAISIA fournit une sortie lumineuse élevée. Il adopte un panneau solaire à haute efficacité de 21W et une nouvelle batterie de 3.2V/20000mA dont la durée de vie est bien élevée.
Solar Lamp LED 998lm Zita Model Solar Lamp LED 998lm Zita Model 2
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Solar Street Light
The solar street lamp Model Zita will embellish your spaces with an original design and a powerful light output thanks to its conception. This model adapts to all types of poles, ideal if you wish to replace only your traditional lamps by a solar lamp.
Die-cast pole in powder coated galvanised steel. Height of 3,5 metres (other dimensions available on request), colour of pole customisable.
Solar Lamp LED 778lm Sao Paulo Model Solar Lamp LED 778lm Sao Paulo Model 2
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Solar Street Light
The Sao Paulo Solar Floor Lamp from CHICLED combines power and economy with its powerful, solar-powered lighting. With simple installation and no need for an electrical connection, it provides up to 12 hours of autonomous lighting. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, it's the ideal lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.
Solar Street Light
This Circum solar-powered streetlight is designed for outdoor installation. It runs on solar energy and therefore requires no electrical connection. It adapts to all types of mast. It provides cool-white light all night long, to illuminate gardens, parks, residences, footpaths and streets, and enhance safety in these areas.
Die-cast pole in powder coated galvanised steel. Height of 3 metres (other dimensions available on request), colour of pole customisable.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This solar-powered lightbar is ideal if you want to illuminate a billboard or your sign. Self-contained and without electrical connection, this lighting allows you to gain visibility while saving on electricity.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This small 30cm solar light is perfect if you are looking for a stand-alone solar light without an electrical connection. Its sleek design with its integrated solar panel above the lamp will fit perfectly into your outdoor spaces, for private or professional use.
Solar Beaconing
Enhance or decorate your outdoor living spaces with this solar powered garland light. Autonomous and easy to install, it offers a yellow lighting for a soft and pleasant light.
This outdoor LED solar bollard light can be installed anywhere in your garden. Its round design head that points downwards will bring a chic touch to your outdoor. Easy to install, it will withstand all weather conditions thanks to its IP65 protection rating.
The Lorea model is ideal for all types of environments. Professional quality with a black stainless steel support base, this solar bollard will fit perfectly into your outdoor spaces with a 6500 K cool white light.
This solar bollard model Maena works with solar energy and will therefore offer an autonomous and efficient light to your exterior. Powerful and robust, this garden beacon is equipped with LIFEP04 2000 cycles batteries.
Solar Wall Light
Améliorez l'ambiance de vos espaces extérieurs avec la lampe solaire murale ROYA de haute qualité. Cette élégante lampe solaire est conçue pour rehausser la beauté de votre jardin, de votre patio ou de votre allée tout en fournissant un éclairage fiable provenant de l’énergie solaire.
Solar Bollard
La lampe Candela offre un éclairage efficace grâce à sa conception de haute qualité. Dotée d'une batterie de 3,2 V/8000 mAh, elle garantit des performances et une fiabilité durables. De plus, son design élégant et moderne s'intègre parfaitement à tout environnement extérieur, offrant à la fois fonctionnalité et attrait esthétique.

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