Chic LED

Chic LED is a brand launched in 2020 by Innovations On Line Products. Chic LED specialises in the sale of solar LED lighting solutions.

Based in Toulouse, France, Chic LED is recognised as an innovative company with multiple technological product designs. The solar LED lighting solutions offered by the brand are patented, autonomous and environmentally responsible. Indeed, Chic LED products are solar powered. They are therefore perfectly autonomous and use renewable energy. The LED technology used allows low power consumption while maintaining optimal lighting quality. Chic LED products are easy to install, and do not require any electrical connection.

Our mission is to provide our customers with solar LED lighting solutions for their billboards or solar LED street lights for their public or private parks and gardens. Our experience in this field allows us to provide you with high quality products. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service and support.

We are committed to selling products that are rooted in our core values of innovation, quality and service. We keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends and put our customers first. Our vision is to offer them products that enable them to open up to an intelligent world, with the latest technology, while being attentive to our planet.

We also enable our business customers to become resellers of Chic LED products. To find out more about this, visit the "Become a Distributor" page.

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