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A solar-powered city is an excellent initiative for promoting sustainability, reducing energy costs and improving the urban environment. There are lasting ecological, economic and social benefits for your community, while promoting a cleaner, more resilient future. 

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A clean, renewable energy source for generating electricity

CHICLED solar lighting does not require an external power supply. They use only solar energy to power LED modules, providing free, sustainable street lighting.

Our solar street lights operate autonomously, which means they can be installed in remote or hard-to-reach locations without the need for costly electrical infrastructure.

Illuminate your streets and public spaces with our innovative and environmentally-friendly solar street lights.

A diverse range that blends in perfectly with the urban landscape

CHICLED manufactures and designs its solar lighting by closely following the latest technologies and trends to give priority and comfort to its customers.

Well thought-out, our range is always avant-garde in the field of solar energy. A variety of solar streetlight designs that can be harmoniously integrated into your community thanks to the solar panels integrated directly above the lamp.

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☀️ Commitment to Quality: We guarantee high quality solar street lights, designed to withstand the elements and deliver consistent, reliable performance.

☀️ Expertise and Advice: Our experienced team is on hand to advise you on the best lighting options for your specific needs.

☀️ Customer satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We are here to support you every step of the way, from selection to installation.

*CHICLED solar-powered lighting columns comply fully with current regulations on light pollution. Our commitment to responsible lighting practices ensures that our products provide high quality lighting while minimising undesirable effects on the night-time environment.

With CHICLED solar-powered lighting columns, you can be sure of making a positive contribution to preserving the night sky and reducing light pollution.

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Show your local authority's commitment

Adopting solar lighting sends a powerful message about your commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment.

By choosing CHICLED solar lighting, your local authority is demonstrating its willingness to take concrete steps to reduce its carbon footprint and promote eco-responsible practices.

Highlight your local authority's efforts to create a greener future.

A unique opportunity to benefit from a free and inexhaustible source of energy: the sun

By opting for our CHICLED solar street lamps, you can do away with traditional energy costs, as solar energy is completely free. The solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity to power the LEDs, which provide reliable lighting with no impact on electricity bills.

This free energy means significant financial savings in the long term. It's an opportunity to move towards a more responsible energy future, while enjoying the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.



The transition to solar lighting solutions can require an initial investment. CHICLED simplifies your transition to solar lighting and advances your solar lighting project by helping you take advantage of available financing opportunities:

☀️ We can offer you financing that allows you to spread your investment over several years.

☀️ Our team can also help you apply for grants and guide you through the process of obtaining subsidies for your solar lighting project.

Together, let's contribute to a more sustainable future. Let's make your solar lighting project a reality today:


Modern, energy-efficient lighting: Relamping for local authorities

Solar relamping represents a step towards a smarter, more sustainable energy future.

By replacing your existing lighting with CHICLED solar solutions, you are opting for a low environmental impact approach, while benefiting from increased energy efficiency and reliably lit public spaces.

To this end, CHICLED has designed all its solar lamps to adapt to all your types of masts in order to facilitate and reduce the costs of your solar relamping project.

Create a more modern, energy-efficient and pleasant environment for all residents

Thanks to CHICLED, your streets are evenly and efficiently lit, improving visibility and enhancing safety.

With its environmentally-friendly approach and tangible energy savings, solar relamping enhances the comfort and well-being of every resident.

By investing in solar relamping with CHICLED, your local authority can improve the quality of life of its citizens while contributing to sustainability and energy efficiency objectives.


The Revolution In Urban Lighting With CHICLED Solar Streetlights

Opting for our CHICLED solar streetlights means investing in energy efficiency. By using solar energy, our streetlights significantly reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, resulting in significant savings on energy costs in the long term.

Robust and durable, CHICLED solar-powered lighting is made from high-quality materials for exceptional longevity, requiring little maintenance and minimising servicing costs.

When you choose CHICLED solar street lights, you're choosing sustainability. Our environmentally friendly approach reduces carbon emissions and helps preserve our planet for generations to come.

Our streetlights don't just perform, they're also aesthetically designed to blend harmoniously into any urban environment, adding a modern touch to your spaces.

Make the smart choice for urban lighting by opting for CHICLED solar street lights.

With exceptional performance, proven durability and a commitment to a sustainable future, our street lights are much more than a source of light: they are a vision for a better world.

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Lighting 2140 Lumens

25 Watt Solar panel

LiFeP04 36000mAh Batteries

Lighting temperature 2400K to 6000K

Autonomy 12 hours 

Quick charge 3 to 6 hours

IP65 standard


Lighting 2200 Lumens

32 Watt solar panel

45000mAh LiFeP04 batteries

Lighting temperature 2400K to 6000K

Autonomy 12 hours 

Quick charge 3 to 6 hours

IP65 standard


Lighting 1000 Lumens

20 watt solar panel

20000mAh LiFeP04 batteries

Lighting temperature 2400K to 6000K

Autonomy 12 hours 

Quick charge 3 to 6 hours

IP65 standard


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