Solar Lighting Ramp

Solar Lighting Ramp
The CHICLED solar spotlight, an eco-responsible solution for advertising lighting. Programmable, economical and easy to install, it offers optimum visibility in compliance with environmental standards. Enjoy long-lasting solar luminosity and contribute to a greener world.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This solar-powered lightbar is ideal if you want to illuminate a billboard or your sign. Self-contained and without electrical connection, this lighting allows you to gain visibility while saving on electricity.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This solar LED light is modern and stylish with its solar panel directly integrated into the lamp. Program its lighting time from 4 to 12 hours with the remote control provided. No connection is necessary for its operation, enjoy a beautiful autonomous lighting of a cold white colour 6500K.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This small 30cm solar light is perfect if you are looking for a stand-alone solar light without an electrical connection. Its sleek design with its integrated solar panel above the lamp will fit perfectly into your outdoor spaces, for private or professional use.

Products with Warranty

Equipment 5 years

Batteries 5 years

Solar Panels 25 years

Fast delivery

Delivery time : 24h to 48h depending on the availability of our stocks

Committed to Eco-Responsibility

We are members of Screlec which collects your batteries at the end of their life

RFID protection

All our products are equipped with an RFID chip for maintenance purposes

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