This type of lighting is in full development, but before knowing why adopt them, it is important to recall what solar energy is. 

Solar energy is the portion of energy coming from the Sun, which passes through the atmosphere, absorbing some of it, and reaches the Earth's surface. This energy is used to produce electricity from photovoltaic panels or solar thermal power plants. To operate solar lighting, we use solar panels. Made up of photovoltaic cells, they capture the sun's rays and release photons that travel and produce an electric current. 

In 1839, the French physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photoelectric effect, the physical principle behind the production of solar photovoltaic energy. However, it was not until the 1990s that solar lighting came into being, with solar-powered street lamps and projectors.

But what are the advantages of using solar energy? And how do we ChicLEDs position ourselves in relation to solar lighting?

The benefits of solar energy

The use of solar energy is becoming more democratic and modern because it has many advantages. One of the most important is its capacity to be renewable and clean. Indeed, it has a minimal environmental impact, and solar energy is inexhaustible compared to other energies such as gas or oil for example.

In addition, the installation cost of photovoltaic panels is low, and their maintenance costs are falling. Favourable for isolated sites, it can be used for many applications such as lighting or heating.

How does ChicLED position itself in relation to solar?

At ChicLED, the search for innovation is our priority, our solar LED lighting solutions are modern and urban. A brand launched in 2020 and based in Toulouse, Chic LED specialises in the sale of solar powered, patented, self-contained and eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. We are recognised as a company of innovation.

Our mission is to offer our customers solar powered LED street lights, spotlights, spotlights or candelabras for your advertising billboards, parks, public and private gardens, terraces or swimming pools. Our experience in this field allows us to provide you with efficient and high quality products. We offer our customers an excellent after sales service and support in France.

Our vision is to offer you products that allow you to open up to an intelligent world, with the latest technology, while being attentive to our planet.

We are committed to selling products that are rooted in our core values of innovation, quality and service. We closely follow the latest technologies and trends and put our customers first. 

Our product range

We have a range of solar floodlights in different sizes and wattages from 4.5W to 18W. The floodlights can be used to provide visibility for advertising information, shop fronts or businesses, house entrances, garages... In addition, they are supplied with a remote control to decide the switch-on time, from 4 to 12 hours. This means they comply with local lighting regulations.

And also a range of solar street lights, also with different sizes and power ratings from 60W to 80W. The lights can be used with or without poles, and placed in gardens, paths, footpaths, parks, or as street lighting. The lights have a presence sensor option to save battery power and only switch on when needed.

Our products are easy to install, and require no electrical connections or trenches. They provide safety in dark areas, and contribute to the reduction of light pollution by lighting only the desired areas and at the desired times.

ChicLED solar lights offer you an after-sales service in France, a 3-year guarantee for the material, 5 years for the batteries and 25 years for the solar panels. They are modern, design and urban. Their aluminium casing is weatherproof to IP65 and blends in perfectly with the exterior.

Designed without a switch, it is a twilight sensor, which automatically switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn. 

Thus, thanks to the solar outdoor lights, the power consumption is greatly reduced and the functions of beaconing and lighting are always fulfilled.

Related products

Solar Street Light
This Model Rio solar LED floor lamp has a square design. It stores light during the day and releases it at dusk. It's ideal for lighting parks, streets... without interruption, even on days when solar radiation is low. It brings a feeling of security to these areas. It can also be adapted to all types of mast.
Solar Lighting Ramp
This solar LED light is modern and stylish with its solar panel directly integrated into the lamp. Program its lighting time from 4 to 12 hours with the remote control provided. No connection is necessary for its operation, enjoy a beautiful autonomous lighting of a cold white colour 6500K.
Solar Lighting Ramp
The CHICLED solar spotlight, an eco-responsible solution for advertising lighting. Programmable, economical and easy to install, it offers optimum visibility in compliance with environmental standards. Enjoy long-lasting solar luminosity and contribute to a greener world.

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