Do you want to invest in solar LED lights but don't know how to select them? There are so many different variations and types of solar lights that the choice can sometimes be complicated. But we are here to save you. 

1. Choose according to your needs

Solar LED outdoor lighting is not only for private individuals who want to illuminate their garden, pathway, pool, entrance to their house or garage. Whether you are a shop owner or a company CEO, you are also concerned by outdoor lighting. However, it will probably be to illuminate your shop front, your billboards with floodlights or to ensure the safety of your car park at night with street lights. 

It is necessary for you to determine your needs, do you need lighting to secure and decorate your exterior or do you need visibility for your advertising information?  Do you need a lot of light or just a little ambient light? Do you need constant lighting at night, lighting for only a few hours, or lighting that turns on when you walk by (with a motion detector)?

Once you have decided on this information, you can look at the technical characteristics of solar lights.

2. The different powers

There are different levels of power for different lights, all of which are suitable for different purposes. The more powerful lights are ideal for security at entrances to houses, garages or to ensure the visibility of information on notice boards. On the other hand, the less powerful lights are ideal for relaxation areas such as gardens or balconies, for outdoor areas that do not need to be fully lit but marked out such as paths or trails.

So we have created a range of products with different wattages for different uses. Our solar street lights range from 60W to 80W, and our solar floodlights range from 4.5W to 18W.

Any company that wants to maintain its image must have a visible and attractive façade. At night, its lighting surrounds it with a beautiful halo of light. However, it is necessary that each lamp, spotlight or bulb is always working. After all, a single light bulb that does not work takes away from the professionalism of your sign. Let's not forget that professional outdoor lighting optimises the visual comfort of night workers. It eliminates shadows, allowing security guards to carry out their duties properly.


3. Duration of autonomy

It is also important to find out how long the products last in relation to their charging time, because contrary to popular belief, solar lights have a long life. Our street lights and floodlights have a charge time of about 3 to 5 hours even on bad weather days. But with a single charge, their battery will last for 2 to 3 days on average.

4. Watertightness index

Even for solar lights, certain standards must be met for outdoor lighting, depending on their location. It is necessary to pay attention to the protection index of the lighting (IP), which refers to the watertightness of the luminaire against solid and liquid bodies. 

Our luminaires have an aluminium casing which certifies them as IP65, resistant to any weather conditions.

5. Switching time ranges

Solar lights do not usually have switches, which makes them so comfortable to use. Our solar lighting solutions are all equipped with a twilight sensor. This sensor will turn the light on when it gets dark and off when the sun rises to save energy.

In addition, all our floodlights are supplied with a remote control to program their switch-on time, from 4 to 12 hours. This ensures that they comply with local lighting regulations.


6. A presence detector

It is also important to know if your future floor lamp has a presence detector, they are optional on our floor lamps and are also sold separately. This equipment perceives shapes and movements, so connected to a light, it turns on when it detects a person and the light goes off a few seconds to a few minutes later.

This option gives you even more security and comfort as the lighting is turned on when you want it to be without the need for switches. 

7. Location

Location is one of the characteristics that determine the proper functioning of a solar light, as it is the sun's rays that charge the light's battery. Therefore, you should choose lights that are compatible with several locations. For example, our floodlights can be screwed onto most surfaces, and our street lights can be placed on a pole or wall.

For example, our solar-powered floodlights can be placed on billboards to illuminate advertisements, on shop fronts to give visibility to information, or on houses or garden sheds to illuminate your exteriors.


8. Lifetime and warranty

The life of a product goes hand in hand with its quality. Our solar lighting solutions are certified and patented. Thanks to their robust and durable cladding, they have an average lifespan of 25 years.

In addition, the guarantee and after-sales service in France for our products allows you to have a close follow-up on your products.

9. Ask our experts for advice

The best solution is to contact us in order to provide you with additional information and to offer you a quote adapted to your needs. 

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