Street lighting plays an essential role in creating safe and welcoming urban environments. However, over time, older lighting technologies can become inefficient and costly to maintain. That's where CHICLED solar relamping comes in, offering an elegant and sustainable solution for modernizing street lighting while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

What is Solar Relamping ?

Solar relamping involves replacing old lighting sources with more modern, energy-efficient technologies, such as solar-powered LED lamps. This approach delivers increased brightness, longer life and a significant reduction in energy consumption.


Advantages of CHICLED Solar Relamping

Energy efficiency

LED lamps used in CHICLED solar relamping consume considerably less energy than traditional bulbs, reducing electricity bills and the city's carbon footprint. 


LED lamps last much longer than conventional bulbs, which means less frequent replacement and maintenance.

Improved lighting

LED lamps offer a superior, more uniform and brighter quality of light, improving visibility and safety in public spaces.

Easy to control

CHICLED solar lighting systems can be equipped with intelligent control features, such as motion and brightness sensors, to automatically adjust light intensity as required.

Reduced maintenance costs

With a longer service life and fewer mechanical parts, solar LED lamps require less maintenance, reducing long-term costs.

How does CHICLED Solar Relamping work? 

The CHICLED solar relamping process involves replacing old lamps with self-sufficient solar street lamps equipped with solar panels and batteries. These lamps are charged during the day by solar energy, and switch on automatically at night. LEDs provide a bright, even light that effectively illuminates streets, squares and public spaces.


Commitment to Sustainability

CHICLED solar relamping illustrates your local authority's commitment to sustainability and innovation. By adopting this solution, you reduce your environmental footprint while offering quality lighting to your citizens.


CHICLED solar relamping offers a unique opportunity to modernize street lighting with elegance, efficiency and sustainability. By adopting this solution, your municipality can not only reduce its energy and maintenance costs, but also create a brighter, safer and more environmentally-friendly urban environment.

Let your streets shine with CHICLED solar relamping, and set an example of innovation and environmental responsibility.


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